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totally agree. and to add to that, never let the people who couldnt their way to closing that game pull you down. naysayers can really lengthen the time it takes to be all you can be. So learn how to get a thick skin early on.

My fave animator would be nelson.newgrounds.com he started out with alot of quickly drawn , will done animation to amazing pieces like the "Little Boat" animation.
hes a huge inspiration.

Yeah that's so true... and actually naysaying d-bags are sometimes the best way to toughen up too. DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS, as they say.

And thanks I'll have to go check Nelson out now, that sounds pretty familiar

Wow that was so right, thanks for sharing it dude.


I dunno how long it'll take for me to be happy with my drawings with my taste. Not to say that my taste is good, or even better than anyone else's. That's like having a "correct opinion". But yeah, I'm not a very active newgrounder, but I talk to TheFabs, and she's gotten real good, real quick.

Yeah that Little Boat thing Nelson did was fuckin baller as fuck

You also have to give Newgrounds a huge thumbs up as well. Artists who come here eventually not only dish out their work just to receive constructive/destructive criticism, but also to gain more perspectives from actually decent artists. I myself am not that wonderful at drawing, true, since I do not aim for that when being an artist. I mainly plot out writings such as small stories or freelance stuff, even if people ask me to commission it.

Still, Newgrounds has held such quality for making artists step out of their comfort bubble and evolve. I notice that when RedHarvest was starting out, he joined and organized collaborations and grew greatly as an artist. Everyone has a starting point, that is undeniable as truth, but as long as those who know that you can only grow better and wiser as you continue. This is a great video and I just wanted to provide my opinion, which also, you've grown greatly in your artstyle as well.

i haven't even started trying to make something yet. i have a feeling i'm gonna be in that slump for awhile.

The one story ... i make a comic with my friend and i think its horrible and tasteless and alout of people wont like it ... alout of people do like it and this video made me want to start doing it more often cause of how i like to see it when its done and the people actualy enjoy it ... thank you

Great advice. I've been in that for 6 years with my shit and going strong. I love doing it, but I'm stuck in a perpetual shitloop of doing the same shit over and over hoping for different results and cranking out boring ideas at a slow pace, it's so thick I can't tell when I'm doing something new and brave or am just delusional. But I guess it'll go away eventually, I'll keep making derivative cheddar until I get it right :D

Sometimes I find that if I take a wank I lose my motivation to animate, so lately I've been holding off until my animation is done. Wait, is that on topic?

What a great video. I actually just found bocodamondo the other day. xD

Love your work love your style of caxx (Dam thats Freaking cute I wannah snuggle it soooooooo much! >w<) and i totally agree with the ira glass (Aldo i,m not an artist i do love looking and admiring good art and starts of good art) So... Yea that's pretty much all i have to say.

Cheerios! <3<3<3