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HEY NEWGROUNDS WTFs up with Protect-IP

2011-11-20 08:18:21 by redminus

So yeah like yeah I know a lot of people who come through here are too young for political engagement, and a whole other lot of us aren't located in the US anyways, but this seems like something NG would be taking seriously and unless I've missed something it seems like it hasn't come up?


And here's a longer, basement dwellier explanation for the brave and patient,

So yeah just wondering.

For everyone else who doesn't care, here's a cactuar. If I get 100 comments I'll change it to a pic with boobs LOL J/K no I wont.

K BAI <3

HEY NEWGROUNDS WTFs up with Protect-IP


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2011-11-20 08:24:34

Fuck.. that.. SHIT!


2011-11-20 08:45:28

I'm not surprised, lol. As soon as you hear something regarding politics, you can bet your ass, it'll be something bad. Since when did politicians do something to benefit the population anyway?


2011-11-20 08:45:52

It's done, trust me when I say this, it's not possible to stop.
First off my opinion, how is America liberal if this happens? Goddamn communism. I'm not anti America but I will be if this happens.

Europe did this, and Sweden. Sweden passed a law that every call, every digital communicational form that is outside border -> inside border or vice verse should be overheard. By a governmental group called "The FRA Law"

Then Europe passed the IPRED law. Which basicly gave cops/authority the means to watch whatever you do. Not only on the web, your phone or your TVs automatic updates, no, this also allowed them to put cameras wherever they want. The only reason needed would be "Hey, ppl are sharing free stuff" or "Terrorism".

They are also working up a new form that companies should have the rights to overview what we do. So that they can target people more accordingly with ads. Europe doesn't seem to like Google and Facebooks advertisement control, they want to allow anyone to do this... Damn..

Thanks for the vid man! Imma keep track of this.


2011-11-20 09:27:49

so no boobs :P?


2011-11-20 09:56:15

I had heard about all this hooey on tons of different sites like ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, Equestria Daily, etc. I'm pretty worried, yet confused at the same time. Why the heck would the government do this? This video as it is, is warning all who come across this, but I'm willing to bet that the Protect-IP people will shut THIS video down as well.

redminus responds:

because they've been convinced of the economic benefits by the people who stand to gain from it. I can't say it enough, but just think of the "series of tubes" speech when considering how much potential there is for people in power to misunderstand the internet


2011-11-20 11:33:11

Can you just add boobs to the cactuar .... give it some cactits.

redminus responds:


actually thats kind of funny, i might do it


2011-11-20 12:10:11

Oh, HELL no. Nu-uh. Dammit. Fuck it. Other synonym for "DON'T LET IT HAPPEN!"

On lesser note, you just got me more information for my "Internet Censorship in Schools" presentation. Thanks.


2011-11-20 12:12:15

They don't understand how the internet is helping our terrible economy, and that this bill is going to make everything worse should it pass.

Silly congress!

redminus responds:

Exactly... the lobbyists have spun it in such a way that it sounds like it's economically beneficial, but COME ONNNNNNNN. The problem is that the people making the decisions are dudes like the INTERNET IS A SERIES OF TUBES guy :/


2011-11-20 12:18:53

I think Newgrounds should be more concerned with OCCUPY FLASH.
I guess the redesign with a video portal might lessen the blow but still.


2011-11-20 13:11:42

This is just plain evil stuff. Thanks for the heads up!


2011-11-20 14:17:36

I'm with RicePirate. I didn't understand a thing about the.. Ip protection... thing... I don't really care unless I can't go to Newgrounda anymore!

Oh yeah, just put some boobs on the cactus before 100 comments. How,s that for a deal?

redminus responds:

here you go,

( o Y o )

happy fapping!


2011-11-20 21:36:49

yeah. i was also surprised that i didn't see the newgrounds community doing anything.

redminus responds:

considering how many uhh... fan videos there are on here, yeah


2011-11-20 23:10:26

WTF i thought this was a friggen free country. The enternet is meant for imagination to run wild and avoid real people.


2011-11-20 23:11:34

oh it was about piracy oops


2011-11-20 23:20:26

The bill is a load of crap. Yes its illegal to stream full movies but using youtube but people dont do full movies. If it werent for parodies and playthroughs i wouldnt have bought half the games i friggen own!!!

redminus responds:

They jsut refuse to update their ancient business models. Its kind of funny that major labels are retiring the CD format by the end of 2012, becuase it means that they've come to accept that physical formats are no longer the end-all for consumers, so you'd think they'd be working on different ways to stimulate sales while shifting focus to new formats... I guess this is it?


2011-11-21 00:22:41

Wow MortalFudge is right, that's gonna screw EVERYBODY. I may be 21 and VERY inactive in politics, but I know an instant failure when I see it. The internet is a huge staple in American society both as a social and business network that basically depends on what our government is trying to censor.

Yes piracy is bad and don't even get me started on trollerz, but why fix something that isn't broke? This policy is going to eliminate what this country believes in most of all: freedom of speech. Parodies shouldn't be censored because of this policy; without them we wouldn't have guys like Weird Al or movies like Hot Shots Part Deux and (cough cough) Nyan Caxx. :D

Point being that this is a serious issue that should be addressed post haste. I think you could lead a signing of a petition since you seem to be on the ball about this kind of stuff ( not forcing just a suggestion lol since you probably know a hell of a lot more people that I do). Now I'm totally gonna watch out for this, thanks for the heads up.

Anyway hope to see more of your stuff and I'm still working on that fan art I promised you and Caxx: lbums/j436/JetMagnus91/?action=view&c urrent=CanadiansonDragons.jpg

Best Regards,


2011-11-21 11:00:49

I keep meaning to post about it but keep putting it off. There's a part of me that in some twisted way wants this... I want the internet to completely turn its back on commercialized content creators (aka networks, public companies, etc.) and just work with each other as individuals. For example, your Nyan movie has the potential to run into issues of copyright, but that's only if the Nyan creator wants to be a total dick and pay a bunch of lawyers to try and shut down anyone hosting it - most likely he wouldn't do that, it's just the big companies that will... And those companies will regret it when suddenly they are operating in a vacuum and no one on the internet will spread their names along.

redminus responds:

A good point about this is that it'd only be bigger companies who were able to pull the plug on things like this because they'd be able to have their lawyers contact ISPs, and so on.
It's the kinds of things like Dot Dot Dot with the O Fortuna recording, or DonkeyBazooka's Hallowe'en winner from last year with the Rockapella track that could be setting off the alarms... and even though those cases are of questionable legitimacy sometimes, I could easily picture it being like that Charlie Brown situation of yours from years ago where once you're challenged legally, you might be in the right, but you'd still have to lay down the money to fight it out in court.

But I definitely agree with you about the fact that it would force original content creators to be completely original, which in my opinion is what people should be striving towards anyways. What I think is definitely BALLZ about this is that it would be possible that Newgrounds would have to take the blame for some 12 year old deciding to upload a sprite movie with a clip from a Black Eyed Peas song, and ending up blocked by ISPs as a result. Like, removing the offending content, sure... but making the whole place inaccessible? Yikes.


2011-11-24 01:15:12

what the fuck is up with our government? they always help the highest bidder instead of the people who actually need it, and saying we wont vote them back in is useless if this passes the damage will be done. this act is unconstitutional too but that will be overlooked by just about everyone. unless they fix it or don't pass it the internet is going to be ripped a new asshole and fall apart its things like this that make me ashamed to be american.


2011-11-28 06:22:10

If that goes through I wouldn't be surprised if some one tried to make a virus to combat it and free us from the tyranny.


2011-12-01 18:13:09

So basically, it makes it so the average person can't post anything on the Internet, while ensuring that movie industries can charge whatever they want. Government = FTW


2011-12-15 11:59:05

Worse case senario: America slowly becomes "New Communist Russia"
Best case senario: Americans revolt, and Congress is forced to take two steps back and say "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea"

Our Gov't's fucked up. I think it's about time to have another civil war. Worked for slavery.


2011-12-17 19:33:00

I agree, it will screw up the internet,I mean most of the biggest websites are originated in the US, If we are cut off, it will be a catastrophy


2011-12-19 16:26:28

Filler 4 boobs.


2012-01-08 21:41:09

I'm for the boobs -__-