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2012-03-10 13:03:37 by redminus

SO HEY SO YEAH I made a Pokemon Flash with Caxx! It was one of those things that started as a small diversion but then I kept adding to it and next thing you know, heyyy it's March :O

I spent a lot of time working on FBF parts for this one, feels good man. Caxx pulled off some great voices and helped with ideas/writing, as usual the script is mostly improvised so yeah THANKS AGAIN CAXX, I owe you a burg0r.
Aaaanyways I can't really say much more that you wouldn't be able to see for yourself anyway so HERE IT IS

(PS, I almost posted but then realized that I forgot the link, but then I almost went ahead and posted without stopping to add it just because I thought that would be kind of funny. Like HEY GUYS I MADE A FLASH.... just FYI. I don't like have the link or anything though, whatever it's on the site somewhere go look for it if you want to see it. LATERS)



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2012-03-10 13:16:03

lol, your anime speed lines looked really good.
This probably wasn't on purpose, but the sound the Goldeen was making just highlighted the fact that a fat wet fish sittin on a table is fucking gross.
VOICES WERE PRETTY GOOD, sounds like Ash Ketchum to me

+I forgot the dog thing from FLCL was super cool.

redminus responds:

Haha thx but yeah I'm gonna beat those speed lines to death now. Also my only complaint with that noise is that it wasn't gross ENOUGH


2012-03-10 13:28:07

yeah that was pretty good ^^
animation ,art & sound effects were awesome
caxx really did a great job for doing ash's voice!
all those "reaction shots" were really suprisingly funny ^^.
ONE question though. is that goldee ash's or Brock's pokeman?

redminus responds:

Doesn't Misty have one? I always kind of thought she did but I can't really remember


2012-03-10 13:29:23

LOL, what a great way to start the weekend. Well done XD

redminus responds:



2012-03-10 13:54:11

That screenshot almost looks like the real thing!


2012-03-10 14:15:18

I love when parodies have almost exactly the same animation as the show. 5/5

redminus responds:

yeah it's a fine line, I wonder if there's ever been a case of the copyright owners being like HEY WTF.

Oh yeah wait there has, on NG with that Charlie Brown thing from like 10 years ago


2012-03-10 14:24:07

sweet!!! and i couldn't help but notice the shadow of colossus and FLCL poster in the background

redminus responds:



2012-03-10 14:45:21

your work is beautiful and so are you

redminus responds:

no u


2012-03-10 14:48:04


redminus responds:



2012-03-10 15:05:08

Brock is the greatest guitar player I have ever seen.

redminus responds:

I know, everyone else who plays guitar might as well just stop


2012-03-10 17:22:26

lol, Shadow of the Colossus poster?

redminus responds:

The underwater ones genuinely freaked me out


2012-03-10 18:18:03

your art makes me fucking angry, fuck you man

redminus responds:

yeah dude seriously FUCK THAT GUY


2012-03-10 18:33:44

cowboy bebop, gantz, flcl... cool

redminus responds:

There's one more, if you can get it I'll mail you a drawing of a dog with a boner made of chocolate. Hint: It's not Yu Gi Oh


2012-03-10 18:58:03

getting bettter and better/....

redminus responds:



2012-03-10 19:26:54


redminus responds:



2012-03-10 19:33:36

The plot was so complete that almost made me fart

redminus responds:

I wait open-mouthed to recieve your fart, quivering with anticipation


2012-03-10 20:29:54

fffucking stupid. i like it

redminus responds:

I actually still kind of don't get it :(


2012-03-10 20:39:22

yur a funnyman!!!

redminus responds:



2012-03-10 20:42:41

Holy shitsnacks. Well played, you two!

redminus responds:



2012-03-11 03:46:19

Wow, some of those scenes looked like they could have been strait from the show!

redminus responds:

Thanks mate! Hopefully the Meowth part will tip off anyone who's confused tho


2012-03-11 07:16:28

So . . . I hear you like mudkips

redminus responds:

Actually I had a Koffing that I really liked. I dunno why, they aren't like super useful, I think I just liked the idea of them and how they look so hilarious


2012-03-11 10:24:55

Some of the smoothest flash graphics I've ever seen. The problem with creating movies in flash is that it is almost impossible to dodge that "flash" look because of the lines etc. Which was not the case here. I also liked the humor very much but the fact that it was pokemon seemed to add nothing that original characters couldnt pull off. I know that parody's get many views but it always seems like an easy way out to me.

Anyway, keep it up you're gonna hit it big time!

redminus responds:

Yeah I think that about tribute and especially parody stuff myself, most times... I wouldn't necessarily disagree either, but in this case I was marginally less concerned with my View count than I was with pushing myself to make it look as much like the show as possible, especially because I was doing it in Flash which added a bit of an extra challenge. I know what you mean though, and Thanks!


2012-03-11 14:06:54

omg it was so good, gimmie that frame rate. I have no idea how you made the ole goldeen look so fluid n niiiiiiiiice.

Seriously though it was great and I want a 6 hour clip of pikachu playing air bass

redminus responds:

It was 30 FPS but I was animating on 2s, but one thing you can do is stagger your 2s so that there's still a change on every frame, if you get what I'm saying. Aaaand It won't be long before someone has a clip like that for you, haha. Some dude already made a loop on youtube that I actually thought was pretty funny :O


2012-03-11 14:08:25

Oh wow, it's so professional-looking! O_O

redminus responds:



2012-03-12 00:44:45

It's.... It's beautiful....

Also where's that Malboro I ordered?

redminus responds:

O SHI, yeah I will totally get that for you


2012-03-12 16:15:40

Really impressive work as always. Crisp style I love it dude

redminus responds:



2012-03-12 18:06:49

can you post the original video that you got the idea from?

redminus responds:

yeah it was this one: luUZ4NnZg

The guy refused to approve my video response, I guess because he wants to use the video response slots to push his own stuff, even though he could've caught some of my traffic and gotten some new people. OH WELL. TELL HIM I SENT YOU lolz.


2012-03-14 13:27:33

i really like the likenesses of the characters! and goldeen dancing made me both laugh and be like (O.O)
that for some reason amazed me XD great flash dude!


2012-03-15 13:42:05

Goldeen is about to swim in blood... It passed Abobo o_O


2012-03-16 09:04:37

What microphone and software do you use? I'm having a hard time checking which ones are more reliable.

redminus responds:

I use Adobe Flash CS3 (I know that a lot of people use CS4 or even 5 now but I did try CS4 and didn't like the GUI changes or the extra stuff like the bones tool, fuck it, CS3 will get the job done), and for some stuff like backgrounds I also use Corel Painter 10 (they're on version 12 now and it might be worth it to upgrade since they finally offer .PNG support... yes, surprisingly, it took 11 versions to get that in) and usually Photoshop CS2 for finishing touches.
I use Sony Vegas 6 for audio recording/editing... also kind of older, but hey it works.
As far as hardware I use a Wacom Intuos 2 Extra Large, and a Neumann TLM103 microphone.


2012-03-17 18:15:24

The music at the end of the YouTube version of this flash was really neat (The 8-bit sounding song while the link to your other videos showed). Is there a longer version of this song?


2012-03-19 03:47:03

Man that animation was hilarious and great! Really awesome short, guys! I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Do you have a deviantart?


2012-03-19 07:28:19

Everything I say is a lie. True or false?


2012-03-22 05:45:43

Hey someone stole from your flash on 9gag it was a picture of Pikachu with the air base guitar phrase
Just to let you know


2012-03-27 18:29:06

How long have you been using flash? I can draw, but I just can't do it on flash. Do you use a tablet or anything?

Also, do you have a deviantart or something? I'd love to see your artwork.

redminus responds:

it's been about 2 and a half years now, and yeah I use the largest size Intuos2 tablet. I could've upgraded to something else but IMO the surface area is the most important part of using a tablet and it's served me really well so far. As far as Deviant Art goes, I did sign up but I don't use it, I just find it really confusing and irritating when trying to submit simple stuff. I have art stuff in the portal here but for the most part I'm always animating, and I don't really have time to just do straight up drawings lately


2012-04-09 20:56:02

Even EDDSWORLD cant create movies as good as yours! Eddsworld is still epic, though. not saying he isnr.


2012-04-09 20:56:29

*isnt. And by the way, what is the average time it takes you to make one of these flashes?