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*pee joke* hurr hurr hurr

2013-02-01 20:14:36 by redminus

I finally have something new up on NG and it's about taking a piss and it's HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE but also currently on the front page (thanx Tom~)

I haven't been uploading in a long time because I've been working on character designs and stuff and this was kind of the initial test run to see what works and tweak some shizz, hopefully after this things should get rolling a bit faster. I've also been doing stuff on Youtube but not all of it has been stuff that would work for NG, though that should be changing effective NAO.

One thing I would've liked to post here but really don't think would fit the vibe is this drawing video (which Ockeroid did the music for), but hey if I post it here then that kind of counts?
It's kind of long and stuff but hey that's how it goes.

EDIT: I can't seem to get the embedding to work so here it is



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2013-02-01 21:01:58

pro tip: you gotta squeeze your dick like a tube of toothpaste

wait what


2013-02-01 21:06:36

I've never encountered this problem myself, is there something wrong with me? o_o


2013-02-01 21:23:56

Fantastic work on the Marlboro creature (watched the whole thing, even tho I'm a noob)! But gods, for all the work and time involved, have you considered using Lightwave or some other 3D program, then just draw on top of the model?


2013-02-01 21:45:46

Johnny's right man. It's all about the toothpaste trick.


2013-02-01 22:08:34

Is it bad if I'm actually planning to do the toothpaste thing next time...?



2013-02-01 22:56:59

I'm not going to lie, with all of the shaking of your dick, I thought it was going to be a wanking joke. Instead, you did the piss thing, and I knew that I was not alone. Thank you.


2013-02-01 22:57:57

Missed your cartoons, great to see you back on NewGrounds bro.


2013-02-02 00:52:18

Alan Harper: No matter how much you shake and dance the last few drops will always end up in your pants.

That quote ain't bull my friend. ;)


2013-02-02 06:29:49

i saw this video a wile ago and really helped me, but could you show a bit of how you animate people? seeing how you break that down and move them would help A LOT :D plez? for meeeeee? :3


2013-02-03 02:07:38

Red Minus, tell me one thing: Why are you so great?


2013-02-06 19:34:04

Damn I love your art style. Another great flash vid!


2013-02-06 23:31:48

Any advice on how to use go animate? I'd really like to start animating and I doubt flash will be easier to use.


2013-02-13 18:28:15

about nian caxx, you should make her flying a loop with the music playing non stop for a video. i tried to listin to it on the actual video, but it gets cut short by the "octopus" (realy a beholder), and i want to hear the rest of it over again without the random sounds. but its up to you.

redminus responds:

I actually did that, It's on my youtube channel, I can't link it here but go check it out


2013-02-14 12:41:28

What's the song that plays about 10 minutes into your drawing video? I really want it >.>


2013-02-14 17:42:29

ill eat your babies bitch

redminus responds:



2013-02-15 14:06:28

you keep it real, i like that. keep that shit real!


2013-02-19 18:34:35

imma plant nigerian babies in your future(or current) girlfriend.


2013-03-29 20:03:11

umadbro |


2013-04-13 16:36:29

naah i aint mad, just awesome.
isnt that right red minus?


2013-04-25 21:27:00

Congrats, red. Another pee joke that entertains and makes us all realize someth- *drip*


2013-07-02 13:31:15

"Hopefully things should get rolling a bit faster."

...Five months later...

:P Really hoping to see some awesome stuff from you soon, whenever you get to finishing whatever's next in the pipeline. I've been a fan for a long time, and can't wait to see what's coming next. I'm sure it'll be amazing.