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Yeah. It's best the newfags learn through trial and error because that's how we learned.

I do like to learn that way personally but I could see how a lot of people would find it really frustrating (but should suck it up and do it anyways). Maybe it just comes down to patience

That's totally right, something that always motivates me is watching the old stuff from good authors here in newgrounds, and see how long they took to get as good as they are. I procrastinated for lots of years, and now I wish that I had practiced for all that time and wonder how good I would be. That said, progress is different for everyone, but I know that pushing myself and just practicing will work, even if it takes forever, I still suck, but creating is fun regardless of the final result, and improvment comes naturally.
That said, I agree with you that Bocodamondo is a great exemple, I watched his last animation a couple of days ago, and I was just... "Is this that guy who made that socks thing? OMG, this is so much better, good for him!" I was legitimately amazed and happy for him. So yeah, I guess he is the best example I can think right now.

Yeah if you start to look at everything as practice for the next thing, it's kind of a load off. It still can be hard to be satisfied even when your work turns out the way you expected it to, but that's maybe another story

I always thought that psychicpebble guy has come a long way. Also, I always remembered Nero-Geist (sp?) trying hard and has come a decent way so far. There are others I can't think of right now.

I guess it's behind the scenes, but I make notice of a few people and start to remember their usernames more and more. I don't know how else to say other than I like watching them improve- its inspiring.

Also, great share, I've been feeling the same way. My stuff just isn't where I want it to be - I know what i'm aiming for, I just can't make it happen yet. Thanks for da encouraging video.

I'll have to go check out some of Nero-Geist's stuff.... I remember him but I don't think I've seen anything since we were both in a 24hr collab a year and a half ago. And yeah that video made a lot of sense to me too, like he's saying, the trick is just to keep working at it til you get over that hump

That's the most inspiring and encouraging thing I've seen/heard in a long time. Thank you

No probbbb!

Zach Hadel would have to be my choice.
Massive improvement there.

Oh yeah definitely, each thing he makes is better than the last

Ira Glass is a boss. He's the white Jew answer to Morgan Freeman.

I would say one artist who's improved a shitload lately is smorgishmorg.


omg that video! its tottaly sais what i allways feel when im making a flash or artwork!
in my mind it allways looks so epic. but once i animate it. it dont look that epic anymore that feeling sucks.but atleast with this feeling. i allways want to challenge myself and tryes to make the next flash better then my last one.(ARTWORKS too). also getting tipps and tricks from other artist works is also allways a good thing for me. to level my animations UP.
in 2010 i didn uploaded anything (yes that RE: Parts was actuarly made in 2009)
but in that time i was not lazy (ok i played alot of TF2 & yugioh Online a.k.a wasting time) but i still did drawed for fun and this does cont as improvement... anyway later in 2011 i started my "yugioh mx" flash thing. its was not really perfect; but then i saw that tomefulp "animate a clown dying" contest and i said "lets do a flash about this" and so i did.(at that time i had to move out from larache to martil [morocco citys]) and i stayed for a while (1 MONTH) without connection. at that time i started to mess around ALOT in flash. after the connection came back: "Death of clown Toggaf" and "MX popipo" were released. and that was the begenning of the NEW bocodamondo ^^ . a better flash after the other (well "Trick or treat hater" wasnt really good. but i had to do it only 1 month) . and i hope i will get even better with the time :).
a good example about someone improving for me is...hm...i guess its psychicpebble . first i though hes just a "idk" wich makes short flashes in Youtube for fun. but now i quite respect that guy. hes turns really good. story lines AND animations.

well. i hope that was not alot of spam from me ^^

Ps you draw pokemons really good :P

haha thx bro!

I had to google who the hell Ira Glass is, but what he says is hella true (dawg).


Boco and kreid.

i've been backing them up since 09 and onward. i knew they would eventually grow out of being underdogs. they have done such fantastic jobs.

Ahh yeah Kreid as well, it's true

Good vid, thanks for sharing it with us. It's good to know that we all start small and have the potential to become something greater so long as we are willing to put the time and effort into it.


I totally agree. Bocodamondo is an example of an artist who has improved with flying colors.

Yeah I saw his Hallowe'en thing and I couldn't believe it, I thought there had to be some mistake. Seriously

First of all, I loved this video. Fully worth those two minutes; thanks for linking it.

While I agree with its point, I've seen a lot of people be -ridiculed- for their "tastes" and therefore assumed to be artists/creators who are less smart. I.E. if you're not spooging your pants over everything Richard Williams or the 9 old men have ever done, if you don't think Evangelion is the only good/deepest anime ever concieved, if you think that Family Guy or anything ever made by Seth MacFarland is entertaining, then you're considered an idiot with bad taste and people take you less seriously. It looked to me like this unspoken law of "you have to like these certain things and hate these specific things or you don't know jack crap when it comes to art/comics/animation/whatever." I've seen this mentality toned down a bit as of late, but I can recall seeing it passed around a lot only a few years back.

Well yeah, the point of Glass's statement is more that everyone has difficulty reconciling their ability to perform with their own standard/sensibilities, especially at first. I think we all know this as we get better but he's also saying that nobody ever really points that out to people who are at the beginning phases, where there's the greatest disparity between ambition and skill.
Whether or not other people will care for what someone set out to accomplish is another question entirely.

Anyways I do see what you're saying about people holding those particular superficial standards and it kind of sounds like a bit of a film school thing. I went to art school for painting, where everyone categorically hates all of the stuff you just mentioned as being bullshit pop-culture non-art, and I still ended up being an animator anyways, so you know, it doesn't always matter :D

You pokemons is useless.

Honestly I never had a Goldeen or SeaKing, so I dunno, but I never had a problem beating any either.... but then again I had a jacked-up Raichu that pretty much handled all the water stuff.
One time I DID train a Magikarp all the way up to lvl20 so that I could evolve it into a Gyarados and MAN did that kick ass. But I digress

I remember Oney's first flash submission :)

I remember my first flash submission Oh God.

haha, I just watched it, were you trying to give me a seizure

Thanks, man! That was really motivating. :D

My favourite improving artist has got to be my little sis, Pickletoez. I like to think I've taught her everything I know. ;D She's been drawing since she was like 10, and 9 years later, she's out-drawing me in terms of quantity and creativity...!! D: >

You go, lil' sis. :D

You too, Redminus! C:
Hope your holidays were awesome!

Haha, yeah I somehow did notice that she'd been improving but she doesn't seem to have submitted anything in awhile, at least not to NG, what gives??? And oh yeah it's been good, I got some rest, I hope you had a good break too D00D

Love the video! :D


yeah id probably say psychopebble also. His work was such shit but he's a world class animator nowadays.

Funny that turnaround hey? There's lots of love for Hadel lately and he totally deserves it

Folks ask me all the time, why I pump out so much shit. And to be fair, a lot of it is shit. Voicing and animation, I turn down very few projects (beginners or pros) ... often biting off more than I can chew.

The sentiments in the video, I think explain why I've been this way the last year and a half. Trying to bridge the gap, and catch up to my own ambition.

love you

tee hee HEARTZ

Yea I saw this a while ago. I think watching the regular video is better:
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI23U7U2aUY">www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI23U7U2aUY</a>
I didn't know who Ira Glass was before, but apparantly he's PRETTY SMART?

My favourite guy who I saw as a beginner was that guy who made Toss The Turtle.
Which... apparantly that was 3 years ago. But my point is that he's bin great on everything since then.
And also every voice actor I've ever worked with.
ALSO- I was friends with Ansel.newgrounds.com in like 2008, and everything he did was really fuckin good, but then he kinda dissapeared.

I believe it's spelled "SMAERT"

And yeah that Binary game of Ansel's was so awesomely polished and shiz RRGHGHG

Also- this has come up a couple times recently: people having trouble dealing with &quot;haters&quot; early on.
I've never had a problem with it, cos most criticisms against stuff I make is usually true. I don't get in arguments with people cos I usually just straight-up agree and take note of everything they don't like. I mean I'm seeing the same thing they're seeing.
So no matter how harsh or annoying someone is, if you just find out what their problem is, it's probably something you agree with. Then they're your best friend the next day.

Yeah I agree, I think a lot of peoples' gut reaction to criticism is to be like HEY FUCK YOU, it cant be harder to be receptive to hearing about why your stuff is shitty but usually that's the only way to really improve. The people who gripe about "haters" are usually just expecting to be coddled, which is kind of funny because the crowd on NG is can be a lot kinder about giving beginners a chance than, say, YouTube or anywhere else for that matter really. Except for Deviant Art but those people will wipe your ass for you too as long as you draw them an anthropomorphic dog/cat man with a boner

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